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Non-Spanish Speaking Latinos: Negotiation of "Language" as an element of identity


Sign up for your group wiki here. Add your name and a general description of your topic in the table below (remember that you can always modify your topic later on as your research progresses). To add your name and topic, click on the blue EDIT sign (the one right by "Instructions"). To save the changes, click on the green PUBLISH button. Remember that every group should have 5 members. If it's only you and somebody else, join an existing grop (maybe another group with 2 or 3 members) rather than starting your own group so that, in the end, every group has roughly 5 members. Make sure not to erase or modify the formatting of the table.

Group members Wiki topic
Group 1. Sarah Kelshaw, Hannah Bewick, Alex Thompson, Sarah Alderman, Robert Mejia, Shmaila Khan Thinking about it...
Group 2. Allison Roman, Jaime HughesRegina Silvestrini, Allison Gatta, Sara Steinbaecher

recent English-only legislation in the United States and it's consequences on Spanish speakers

Group 3. Alyssa Bradely, Jessica Vogel, Alyssa Reilly, Mike Seay, Caroline Hill, Cory Blake

Group 4. Rachel Weiner, Katie Bringman, Melissa Nugent, Brian Savine, and Mike Meehl the creation and expression of bilingual identities
Group 5. Jenna Crowley, Kelly Jubb, Katie Groff, Nick Sakiewicz, Jennifer Allen bilingual programs in public and private school in the vicinity of West Chester
Group 6. Isaac Smicker, Sydney Taylor, Kayleigh McAdams, Maggie Fitzpatrick, Madeline Schueren demographic trends in the use of Spanish in the United States / in Pennsylvania vs. those of other languages (numbers, reasons and projections)
(Group 7). Demetri Dupal, Kim T., Ashley M. The use of Spanish in political campaigns.

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